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Isetta Barn Find

It’s been a while since I restored my first BMW Isetta. My first one was in the early 1980’s when spare parts were extremely hard to find. That first car was a coupe with a two tone blue/gray paint job. I spent $2,000 on the restoration and sold it to a BMW dealer for $3500.


BMW Isetta 300

My first Isetta restoration in the early 80’s

My second Isetta restoration was a convertible. These are a little more rare and actually kind of nice on a hot day to have the “top” down and air blowing thru the front door vents. It does a nice job of cooling you off. I had this car for many years but the kids got older, it was too small and sat around a lot. I sold it on Ebay for about $15,000 in 2002, it was the highest selling Isetta back then.


BMW Isetta Cabrio

My second restoration, a BMW Isetta Cabrio.

I always loved driving around in the Isetta, nothing compares to it. The kids are now grown up and off on their own. I have space for another car (like thats hard to find for an Isetta) and just sold the scooter that got very little use, now is the time to get another Isetta.

I’ve been looking at different sites online, gone are the days when you actually find one in the newspaper, Ebay is usually a good place to find an Isetta.

I’m looking for something to restore, I don’t want an Isetta that someone has painted a funky color or put a velour interior in it. I want to keep it original as it was back in the 50’s.

A coupe¬†pops up on Ebay, its a little pricey for something thats been in a barn for 50 years and the details are not very good but after a few emails I find out that they have other cars and parts. They send me some photos and I’m amazed to see they have a cabrio along with some older “bubble window” Isettas. I end up making my purchase, getting airfare, a rental truck lined up and flying off to pick up my restoration projects.

BMW Isetta coupe in Savanna Yellow

BMW Isetta 300 coupe in Savanna Yellow

BMW Isetta in Birch Green

Towing the Birch Green Isetta Cabrio into the Out Building.

I’m a happy camper, to get back into the Isetta Restoration business. Maybe I can have it on the road this summer. Time to get going, I have lots to do and Isetta parts to buy..


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