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Rust Removal

Isetta front suspension Rust

Front suspension pieces derusted with Rust Dissolver. Notice the stuff to the left is all clean and shiny, the stuff to the right is not yet finished.


Looking to clean 50+ years of rust off your metal parts? I found these liquid rust removers (Evaporust) to be really good. You can cut the top off the five gallon can and drop parts in. One day might be enough time but I have left some parts in for many days and had them come out perfectly clean. Love the stuff! You can also get a larger tub like I did and get 2 five gallon cans of rust remover. A larger tub will allow you to soak larger parts like the rear wheel splash guards or a gas tank.

Take into consideration: After you de rust and wash off the parts you must paint them right away or coat them with something to stop “flash” rusting. I used a product from the makers of POR called Metal Prep. You can dip it or spray it on, rinse off and let sit for weeks without rust starting to form on your bare metal parts.


Rust dissolver

Look at the difference between the rusty and derusted brake drum!


Isetta gas tank undergoing rust removal

If you have a big enough tank, even the Isetta gas tank can be stripped.

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