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Taking apart something that’s been sitting for over 50 years can be a real pain in the ***. Rusted nuts and bolts don’t always make it easy but that’s what you have to put up with. Even the penetrating oils don’t always work. Sometimes you just have to “snap” the bolts apart or get out the grinder and get rid of them.

Isetta body

The body off the frame.


Isetta frame restoration

The BMW Isetta frame.

BMW Isetta rear end

Rear end a little dirty and rusty.

BMW Isetta front suspension

Front suspension a little dirty and rusty too.


I found some really helpful tools to use with my Craftsman 19.2 volt cordless system. The drill has come in handy along with the flash lights. My newest tool, the grinder, has been helpful with removing those stubborn rusted bolts.  I’m glad I got these Craftsman cordless tools, I like them so much I even added the weed wacker, stapler, air compressor, blower, skilsaw…   They are fantastick to use around the house.




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