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Isetta frame

The Isettas frame all stripped of parts.

After a few days I’m down to nothing but the frame. All other parts have been bagged, shelved or sent somewhere to be worked on. The frame is going to a local paint shop to be sandblasted, my sandblaster is a little small for this amount of work.

Isetta frame sandblasted

Cleaned up after sandblasting


Nice job! They really got it cleaned up. Now its time to paint. I found POR15 to be the best paint for a job like this. It’s tuff stuff, they say you can wire brush the rust and paint right over it but I like to strip off the rust by sandblasting or a liquid bath. Its not the nicest paint to use, you have to take some special precautions with it.

#1: Get some disposable brushes. You wont want to try and clean out your good brushes with this paint, its tuff. Use a disposable brush and toss it out when you are done.

#2: Get some disposable latex gloves to wear. If you get this paint on your skin you might get most of it off with thinner but you will never get it all. The rest will take a week or two to “wear off”.

#3: Have some plastic ready. When you are done before closeing up the can, put a piece of plastic between the lid and the can. If you don’t the lid will fuse itself to the can when the paint in the groove dries and hardens. Try not to get paint in the lid area if you can but that always seems impossible for me.

#4: Buy smaller cans. Once you open a can of POR15, the air gets in and it starts to dryout. I like to use small cans and use them up more often. If I get a quart can it seems like the top surface of paint in the can hardens like a rock about 1/4 inch thick after a week or so. I can drill thru this rock hard layer and use whats underneath but its easier on small jobs to stick with the small cans.



Here is the finished frame. Gorgeous and I didn’t have to pay to have it powder coated, did it myself with a product that I have found to be better than powder coating. The rock hard paint job will last forever. The threads have had a tap run thru them to clean them up and it’s ready to start going back together.

POR15 Trick: If you let POR15 dry they say you have to use their special paints, primers to finish since most primers and paints wont stick to this rock hard paint. I use a different process. After I get a coat of POR on the frame, or any other parts, I let it sit an hour or two and get “tacky”. Then I spray with my final color of paint. For this frame I used a plain old can of Rustoleum Black, that’s right, Rustoleum. Did the same thing on cars I restored 20 years ago and it still looks great. I don’t have to mess around mixing auto paints and cleaning out spray guns this way.  I will do the same thing after I get the body media blasted, more on that later.

Isetta frame finished

The frame is all finished along with a few brake drums.

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