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The Isetta’s suspension is very small and very simple but it gets the job done. Front end, rear end, shocks, springs it all needs to be cleaned up and parts replaced where needed. The Isetta’s rubber parts are 50 years old and can not be reused. Oil seals, gaskets will be replaced. I don’t always replace bearings, most of them are fine and will be cleaned out and reused.


Isetta chain case

Rear chain case apart. Looked like they used 90w oil.

The front suspension requires a special tool in order to remove and replace the springs. They are simple to make and don’t cost much.


Isetta spring compressor

Home made spring compressor for front springs.


Cleaning up the metal parts once they are disassembled is real easy if you have  Evapo-Rust Rust Remover. I’m amazed how easy the rust melts off the metal pieces. I started with a gallon but soon discovered a 5 gallon bucket would be needed. Parts will need to be soaked for a day or two to dissolve the rust. I ended up buying a parts cleaning sink (not recommended anymore as the cheap metal in these Chinese made tanks will develop leaks, use plastic tanks)   and put my Evapo-Rust remover in that. I can completely soak the springs, shock towers and mud flaps. I’m thinking about buying an extra 5 gallon bucket and making my soaking tub even deeper so I can soak the gas tank and any other larger parts. Many parts can be soaked in the 5 gallon can sparing you extra cost of a parts sink.

A note about Evapo-Rust Rust Remover, after you get it out of the tank, clean off the parts and paint them right away. They will begin to get “flash” rust just sitting out in the open. If you can’t paint right away, get some Metal Prep along with your POR 15 paint.  Metal Prep should be used after rust removal to stop the surface from “flash” rusting the next day.


I soaked a brake drum and some small parts for a couple days, pulled them out rinsed off and what a difference it made. Using a wire brush shined up the metal like it was new. I’m impressed and using this stuff on all my rusty parts. I won’t need to sandblast a lot of metal pieces now that I have Evapo-Rust Rust Remover.

Rust dissolver, Evapo-rust or Eastwoods

Look at the difference between the rusty and derusted brake drum!


Isetta rear leaf springs

Rear leaf springs being painted with POR15


POR15 painted parts

Cleaned and painted parts waiting to be assembled.


Isetta front suspension

Front suspension pieces derusted with  Evapo-Rust Rust Remover. Notice the stuff to the left is all clean and shiny, the stuff to the right is not yet finished.



BMW Isetta Wheel Painting

Painting the Isetta wheels before installing tires


New Isetta wheel and tire

Tire installed on Isetta wheel.

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