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Body Work

So things have changed, I thought it would be faster to get a car on the road this summer by fixing up the spare Yellow Isetta and putting aside the green Cabrio. I’m not going to take the body off the frame, I just want to fix it up and get it on the road.


BMW Isetta

BMW Isetta 300 coupe


Stripping the paint is pretty tough, the best paint remover I have has a hard time removing this old German paint


Isetta Body Work


The body is in pretty good shape, no major rusted out areas. One rear fender is cracked and will need some repair.


Isetta fender repair


Moving along, the small dents from long time sitting and getting bumped into are getting smoothed out.


Isetta dent removal



Now were getting there, could have the final paint on in the next couple days, just need to get the inside ready.


Isetta in sealer



BMW Isetta Savanna Yellow

Painted Savanna Yellow by matching the original color.


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